Alaska Section AWRA Annual Conference
January 28 31, 2008 Centennial Hall Juneau Preliminary Agenda
bulletMon Jan 28 - Workshop Registration

  8:00 Workshop registration – Coffee, Tea, Juice and Rolls  
  8:30 Workshop: Estimating flow statistics for gaged and ungaged streams in Alaska [ Janet Curran – USGS ]
  12:00 Lunch 
  1:30 Workshop continued (to 4:45pm)  
  5:45 Social evening  

bulletTue Jan 29 - Rivers and Lakes

  8:00 Conference registration – Coffee, Tea, Juice and Rolls  
  8:45 President’s Welcome – Thomas Douglas, President AWRA-Alaska; Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
  8:50 President-Elect Meeting Agenda – Horacio Toniolo, President-Elect AWRA Alaska; University of Alaska Fairbanks  
  8:55 TBA - Introductory remarks  

  Southeast Hydrology and Watersheds
  9:00 Matt Heavner One year of operating a wireless watershed in Lemon
Creek, Juneau, Alaska
  9:20 Eran Hood A high-resolution study of the impacts of glacial runoff on water quality and aquatic habitat, Lemon Glacier, Juneau, Alaska
  9:40 Josh Jones Modeling Glacier Runoff: A Case Study of Lemon Glacier, Juneau, Alaska
  10:00 Coffee Break
  10:30 Rick Edwards Collaborative watershed research in Southeast Alaska
  10:50 Ed Neal Recent Changes in Seasonal Stream Discharge Patterns
in Southeast Alaska
  11:10 Erik Norberg A Biogeochemical Comparison of Three Stream Types within SE Alaska
  11:30 Jason Fellman Changes in the concentration, biodegradability and fluorescent properties of dissolved organic matter during stormflows in coastal temperate watersheds
  11:50 Sue Mauger Understanding the Influence of Climate and Landscape Change on Water Temperatures in Cook Inlet Salmon Streams
  12:10 Jason Mouw Hyporheic Exchange, Surface Water Hydraulics, and Redd Site Selection by Chum Salmon
  12:30 Lunch
  1:30 Beverly Anderson Will Work for Water- Southeast Alaska’s watershed councils help improve fisheries habitat and water quality throughout the region
  1:50 Hans Arnett Government Creek Relocation
  2:10 Dennis Reed NFk Bradfield River: Beyond Timber Tramps, The Movie – A View from the Ground
  2:30 Ed Neal Preliminary Assessment of Changing Hydrologic and Geomorphic Conditions of the Alsek River Outwash Plain

  Rivers and Lakes
  2:50 Janet Curran Persistence and Geomorphology of Clearwater Side Channels in a Braided River: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
  3:10 Jeff Conaway Advanced Applications of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers in Alaska
  3:30 Coffee Break
  4:00 Dragos A. Vas Estimating Methane (CH4) Ebullition in Arctic Lakes Using Active Remote Sensing
  4:20 Horacio Toniolo Numerical modeling of reservoir sedimentation
  5:00 AWRA Business Meeting –Everyone is welcome to participate in the meeting.
Please stay, ask questions and become involved!
bulletWed Jan 30 - North Slope Hydrology, Climate Change/Permafrost

  8:00 Conference registration – Coffee, Tea, Juice and Rolls  

  North Slope Hydrology, Climate Change & Sust. Water Use
  8:30 Daqing Yang Results of Snowfall/Blowing Snow Observations in Barrow
  8:50 Sveta Berezovskaya Accuracy of snow water equivalent measurements at watershed scale
  9:10 Douglas Kane Contrasting Extreme Runoff Events in Areas of Continuous Permafrost, Arctic Alaska
  9:30 Chad Cormack Potential Recharge Estimates of Arctic Lakes to Aid Water Management on the North Slope of Alaska
  9:50 Coffee Break
  10:20 Mark McBroom North Slope Snow Water Equivalence and Its Use in Estimating Potential Lake Water Recharge
  10:40 Emily Youcha Hydrologic modeling on the North Slope of Alaska using the Swedish HBV Model
  11:00 Anna Liljedahl TopoFlow Soil Moisture Simulations and Validation
  11:20 Christopher D. Arp Decadal to Seasonal Lake Salinity Dynamics in the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area
  11:40 Rena Bryan Surface Water Storage Change as Influenced by Permafrost Degradation
  12:00 Michael Lilly Arctic Lake Water Use and Management for Transportation Networks
  12:20 Lunch
  2:00 Panel Session: Climate Change and Water Resource Management (moderator - Michael Lillie)

  Poster Session With Finger Food (4:00 - 5:30)
  4:00 Nick Korzen Changing Lake Bathymetry with deglaciation: the Mendenhall system
  4:00 Agota Horel Fate and transport of fish biodiesel, biodiesel blends and conventional diesel in natural porous media
Other water related posters will be presented in the session. Come and see them!

bulletTHU Jan 31 - Wetlands / Engineering Design / General Topics