2010 AWRA Alaska Section Annual Conference

A semi-technical description of in-stream hydrokinetic devices - Neil McMahon, Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (co-authors: none)


Numerous state and federal regulatory agencies have expressed a need for more technical information about river and tidal in-stream hydrokinetic devices in order to more accurately and adequately assess the various types of primary and cumulative impacts on the river and tidal environments for permitting purposes. Proposal: The presentation is meant to provide a semi-technical overview of different river in-stream hydrokinetic devices (i.e. , axial flow, and vertical and horizontal cross-flow turbines, ducted and unducted) to describe some pertinent technical information about turbine designs. The technical information will include definitions and terminology, turbine specifications, and potential environmental and hydraulic effects. The turbine specifications will include composition, angular velocity and tip speeds, blockage ratios, and other blade related information. The potential environmental and hydraulic effects will be a brief overview of current research, including references to find further information.

Topic: Hydroelectric