AWRA Alaska Meeting Tuesday Evening Event


Wild Salmon Center
Trout Unlimited
Susitna River Coalition


A "Fish First" Future for Alaska: Balancing Energy and Fish through Low Impact Hydropower Development in Alaska

Tuesday / April 26th
5:30 to 7:30 pm

Cost: Free

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  Join us for an evening session on Tuesday, April 26th, for salmon appetizers and a robust discussion about the importance of striking a balance between fisheries and energy needs for Alaska's future. This session will be sponsored by AWRA, Trout Unlimited, Wild Salmon Center, The Susitna River Coalition and the Alaska Section, AWRA. Alaska is a state defined by its fisheries. Salmon are the crown jewel of Alaska and thrive due to vast reaches of unaltered water resources and pristine habitat. Hydropower also plays an important role in Alaska's past and energy future. Projects throughout Alaska demonstrate that hydropower and fisheries can coexist. Panelists will represent different sectors of the conversation around fisheries conservation and hydropower development to help inform a discussion about hydropower and fisheries policy in Alaska. There is no cost for this event.

Rainbow Trout - Alaska Alaska has abundant natural fisheries supporting sport, subsistence and commercial fisheries
Plank Timber Dam - Indian Creek - Chignik Alaska
Plank Timber Dam at Indian Creek, Chignik Alaska (ADF&G Photo)
Gartina Creek Hydroelectric Project Gartina Creek Hydroelectric Project Powerhouse. Photo: ADF&G Habitat Division Weld Steel Penstock Annex Creek Replacement Welded Steel Penstock at Annex Creek. Photo: AEL&P
Road Construction Allison Creek Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project, while road building. Photo: M.D. Miller - ADF&G
Dam on Salmon Creek - Alaska
World's First Concrete Variable Radius Arch Dam at Salmon Creek
Photo: M.D. Miller - ADF&G
Fishermen Sport fishing for salmon is a key public recreation activity Alaska Range and Susitna River

Susitna River and Alaska Range, home to abundant salmon and resident fisheries