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bullet 2018 AWRA-AK Annual Conference
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Alaska Section-AWRA UAS-Based Remote Sensing Workshop

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UAF-Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration GWScientific

Instructor Bios

Eyal Saiet, ACUASI, ejsaiet@alaska.edu, 907- 455-2029

Eyal Saiet is one of the project managers for the University of Alaska Fairbanks-Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft System Integration (ACUASI). Eyal got his Bsc in chemistry in 2013 which lead him to work on one of the first methane sniffers for UAS pipeline work. Since then, his focus has become stronger in airborne remote sensing, and he is now pursuing a graduate degree in that field while working on various remote sensing challenges for ACUASI aircrafts. One of the recent projects was a mission out of Barrow, Alaska to construct an accurate Digital Elevation Model of the near-shore sea ice. When not in the field he is working on designing new airborne instrumentation or payloads, for future missions. Eyal has lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for more than eight years, and while not working enjoys exploring Alaska both in summer and winter. For more information you can find Eyal through email: ejsaiet@alaska.edu

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