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Sveta Stuefer, AWRA Northern-Region Director

Dates and locations vary and are subject to change for the talks, and we will make every attempt to keep you informed of any changes as they occur. We plan to send an email out the Monday prior to each talk, so if you have not been receiving E-mails and wish to, please contact Sveta Stuefer at (907) 474-2714 or sveta.stuefer@alaska.edu. Brownbag talks are from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month. We meet in the conference room at the Department of Natural Resources, 3700 Airport Way (across from the Airport Way Fred Meyer Store).


Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Brown Bag Lunch Meeting Agenda
October 13 , 2010 Daqing Yang, Precipitation observations in Alaska: challenges and opportunities, University of Alaska Fairbanks
November 10 , 2010 John Payne, Slope Tundra Lakes: Experimental Technology for Analyzing Water Quality and Bathymetry , North Slope Science Initiative
December 8, 2010 Jennifer Jenkins, Status and trends of wetlands habitats in the Greater Fairbanks area, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
February 16, 2011 Ed Plumb, Extraordinary rainfall and flooding along the Taylor Hwy during July 2010, NOAA National Weather Service
March 9 , 2011 Richard Kemnitz, BLM, Heather Best, USGS, Emily Youcha and Ken Irving, UAF-WERC. Techniques and adventures in gauging remote Arctic Alaskan rivers.
April 13 , 2011 Jerome B Johnson, Energy From Moving Water: Tidal and River Current Hydrokinetic Energy, Institute of Northern Engineering, UAF
May 12 , 2011 Kimberly Wickland, An Overview of USGS hydrologic studies in the Yukon River basin, USGS, Boulder, CO
Other Northern Region Brown Bag Agendas and Available Abstracts

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