Alaska Section, AWRA, Northern-Region Brown-Bag Meetings

March 21, 2018

Permafrost and Groundwater in the Fairbanks and North Pole Areas: What We Know, What We Don't Know, Future Needs

Dr. Ronnie Daanen, Geologist
Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, Fairbanks, Alaska
Phone: (907) 451-5965, Email:

Ronnie Daanen and Abraham Emond

100 years of observations have illuminated the interaction of permafrost and groundwater. Early engineering resulted in practical solutions to dealing with permafrost.

Current research in Goldstream Valley and North Pole on the effects of permafrost on groundwater flow shows that new techniques can help identify permafrost and point to groundwater flow paths. These datasets can be used to inform state of the art physically based models used to reconstruct current permafrost distribution from historic climate and disturbance regimes. The models can also predict groundwater movement and change into the future.

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Figure 1. Resistivty survey for Goldstream valley.

Figure 2. A resistivity survey in US Army Corps of Engineers Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility area.

For more on Ronnie Daanen: DGGS Staff Bio

For more on Abraham Emond: DGGS Staff Bio

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