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Jeff Conaway, Alaska Section AWRA Southcentral-Region Director

This is a tentative list of winter speakers for AWRA, South-Central Section. The Southcentral AWRA generally meets 12:00 - 13:00 on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the EROS conference room, 2nd floor, Grace Hall, 4230 University Drive, APU campus, Anchorage. Presentations are informal, and designed to be informative, timely, but not necessarily polished. If you would like to present a work in progress, chair a panel discussion of a current water range of government and private hydrologists, please call or email Jeff Conaway at jconaway@usgs.gov - (907) 786-7041.

For more information about AWRA, including annual meetings, other regional meetings, and Water Resources issues, visit the AWRA web site at /alaska/index.html.

2009-2010 Brown Bag Lunch Meeting Agenda
November 17, 2009 Towards a year-round lake monitoring network in permafrost landscapes of Alaska – Chris Arp, U.S. Geological Survey.
December 9, 2009 Contributions of climate and dynamics to mass wastage and accumulation zone thinning of Eklutna Glacier, Alaska, Louis Sass, Alaska Pacific University/U.S. Geological Survey
January 20, 2010 Alaska’s Hydrokinetic Resources: Opportunity and Challenges; Neil McMahon, Alaska Energy Authority
February 17, 2010 Hydroelectric projects in Alaska (tentative title), Doug Ott, Alaska Energy Authority
March 17, 2010 The downstream morphologic response of the Sandy River, OR to the removal of Marmot Dam. Chuck Podolak, Johns Hopkins University
April 14, 2010 Annual snowpack summary and breakup forecasts; Rick McClure, NRCS and Larry Rundquist, NWS

Southcentral Region Brown Bag Agendas and Available Abstracts

Please visit our previous years Southcentral Region Brown-Bag abstracts and talks. Information is kept on-line to better serve our speakers, members, and the public.

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