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Alaska Pacific University
Atwood Center (Rasmuson Hall
4455 University Dr, Anchorage, Alaska 99508


Alaska Section-AWRA UAS-Based Remote Sensing Workshop

Thank You to Our Sponsors

UAF-Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration GWScientific

Workshop Dates:

April 9th 2018 8-4:30pm (Monday), Some Potential time Tuesday and Wednesday evening
Registration limited - Sign up early! - Registration

Workshop Registration Fee:

Early Bird: Before March 30th
  • Student - $70
  • AS-AWRA member/non-member - $80
Regular: After March 30th
  • Student - $80
  • AS-AWRA member/non-member - $90

Instructors: See Bios!

Eyal Saiet (UAF-ACUASI) (Lead), Data Processing Techniques, Applications

Why Attend:

Do you know how the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/Drones can impact your current and future projects?
  • How can UAS-based remote sensing data help reduce risks, increase field-staff safety, lower field logistics costs?
  • Is this a new cost to current field logistics, or a shift across categories?
  • How do the current and rapidly developing mix of regulations and technology impact planning and implementing UAS-based methods?
This workshop is designed to benefit all levels, from the manager worried about meeting project needs with declining field budgets, to field technicians and students who have to figure out how to get it done in the field, and then work the data up back in the lab.


Day 1 (April 9): Instructors will discuss case studies of Alaska based water resource applications which utilized UASs (drones) combined with various data-collection technologies, types of remote sensing data that can be collected, benefits and drawbacks, as well as other pertinent information on how to utilize UAV/UAS technology. This will include group discussions with workshop attendees to discuss problems and solutions various groups are coming up with.

Coffee, breakfast treats and lunch provided on Monday.

Day 2 (Tuesday) and 3 (Wednesday) evenings will be discussions of data sets and issues class attendees are having in a working group approach to help attendees gain more benefit to their current UAS applications. Attendees are encourage to bring example data sets and issues that they would like help with and group problem solving input.