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bullet Thursday, April 1st Sessions 4 - 7 go Poster Session go
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bullet Wednesday, March 31  
8:00am Conference Registration – coffee, juice, and snacks
8:30am President’s Welcome – Jim Munter, AWRA-Alaska President, J.A. Munter Consulting, Inc., Anchorage
Session 1: Arctic Hydrology up
8:45am Erin Trochim Capturing water tracks using remote sensing in the foothills of the Alaskan Arctic: a multi-data perspective
9:05am Celine van Breukelen Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery to Estimate Lake Water Depths on Alaska's North Slope
9:25am Emily K. Youcha Field measured precipitation and runoff in Arctic basins
9:45am William Schnabel Hydrologic Monitoring and Evaluation Conducted by the UAF Water and Environmental Research Center: Current Efforts and Future Directions
Coffee Break
Session 2: North Slope Water and Ecosystem Management up
10:20am Horacio Toniolo Estimating ice thickness in Arctic lakes and applications to winter water use ***
10:40am Sveta Berezovskaya Snow management to augment water supplies on Alaska’s North Slope
11:00am Michael Lilly Characteristics of water use on the North Slope: industry challenges and adaptive water managements ***
11:20am John Trawicki Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative- An Overview
Lunch at BP Energy Center (provided)
12:30pm National AWRA Addresss – Jerry Sehlke, Past-President AWRA - TBA
1:00pm Keynote Address – Jim Strandberg, Alaska Energy Authority - TBA
Session 3: Hydroelectric Power Projects and Processes in Alaska up
1:40pm Bryan Carey Susitna Hydroelectric
2:00pm Neil McMahon A semi-technical description of in-stream hydrokinetic devices
2:20pm Jessica Cherry Considering Climate Change and Variability in the Hydropower Development Process: a case study in Southeast Alaska
Panel Discussion: Perspectives, Processes, and Promises for Hydropower Development in Alaska up
Moderator: Jason Mouw, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
3:00pm Panelists
  • Jim Ferguson, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Gary Prokosch, Department of Natural Resources
  • Sue Walker, National Marine Fisheries Service
  • Jim Thrall, Hydropower Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Consultant
  • Jan Konigsberg, Hydropower Reform Coalition
4:45pm Meeting adjourned from BP Energy Center
5:00pm AWRA-AK Business Meeting – location TBA

bullet Thursday, April 1st  
8:00am Conference Registration – coffee, juice, and snacks up
8:30am Summary from AWRA-AK Business Meeting and Ice Roads Conference, Chris Arp, U.S. Geological Survey and Michael Lilly, GW Scientific, Inc.
Session 4: Hydrologic Modeling in Alaska up
8:45am Paul Duvoy Application of Numerical Models to Evaluate Performance of Two Stream Bank Stabilization Techniques
9:05am Tim Brabets Application of the USGS Multi-Dimensional Surface Water Modeling System (MD_SWMS) at Bridge 339, Copper River
9:25am Terry Schwarz Analysis of Select Stream Discharge Models in Southeast Alaska
9:45am Jessica Cherry Summary of Hydrologic Modeling in Alaska: a mini-workshop
Coffee Break
Session 5: Stream Habitat Restoration up
10:15am Bob Butera Westchester Lagoon Channel – Reconnecting Fish from Cook Inlet to Chester Creek
10:35am Rusty Myers Salmon Escapement into Chester Creek Before and After Habitat Restoration
10:55am Alexandre Lai Streambank protection and restoration techniques used on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS)
11:15am Corinne Smith Setting Priorities for Restoring Fish Passage
Lunch Break (on your own)
Session 6: Stream Habitat Research up
1:30pm Jeff Conaway Streamflow Hydraulics of a Sheefish Spawning Reach of the Selawik River, Alaska
1:50pm Bill Rice Assessing Channel Geomorphology and Habitat in Wetland Streams ***
2:10pm Alexandre Lai An assessment of stream bank stabilization techniques using upstream and downstream pointed vane structures.
Coffee Break
2:45pm AWRA-AK Student Scholarship Award Announcement (Jim Munter)
Session 7: Glaciers and Water Resources up
3:00pm Ashley Van Beusekom Climatic and Dynamic Glacier Mass Balance Components
3:20pm Louis C Sass III Dynamic controls on Eklutna Glacier Mass Loss
3:40pm Meeting adjourned to evening poster session

bullet Thursday, April 1st  
Poster Session – Conoco-Phillips Integrated Science Building University of Alaska Anchorage up
6:30 – 8:30pm Appetizers and beverages provided
Kirsten Valentine Climate Signals in Streambed Elevation of Glacial Rivers in Alaska
William Rice Past, Present and Potential Restoration Actions in Urban Chester Creek, Anchorage, AK
William Rice An Overview of Culvert Abundance and Condition in South Central Alaska
Jessica Cherry Coupled atmosphere-snow modeling for tundra travel applications on Alaska's North Slope
Joel Bailey Lake-level change and water balance analysis of natural and man-made lakes on Alaska’s North Slope
Bryce Willems Training Alaskan Environmental Geologists: Installation of a new well field on the campus of UAA
Sergey Marchenko Coupled Hydrologic and Thermodynamic Modeling of Permafrost Dynamics: Implications for Northern Peatlands
Rena Bryan Yukon River Watershed Permafrost
Chris Arp Beaded stream morphology, regimes, and feedbacks in a lake-rich, permafrost landscape of the Alaskan Arctic Coastal Plain
Megan Cardenas Seasonal Changes in Stream and Ground Water Geochemistry, Anchorage, Alaska
Nicholas Korzen Differences in the physical properties of paired glacial and non-glacial rivers in southeastern Alaska
Jessica Dryden Winnestaffer Chickaloon Native Village Fisheries Program Overview
Ann Marie Larquier Glacial Influences on Water Resources of the Eklutna Basin, Alaska
Anna Liljedahl Present and future water balance of an Arctic Coastal Plain wetland: Wetter or drier future soils?
Meeting Adjourned & Announcements

bullet Friday, April 2nd  
8:00am Conference Registration – coffee, juice, and snacks up
8:30am Region Reports – Jeff Conaway (Southcentral), U.S. Geological Survey, Sveta Berezovskaya (Northern), University of Alaska Fairbanks
Session 8: Water Resources Research and Management for Alaskan Communities up
8:45am Abhijit Chatterjee Continuous biosorption of cadmium (II) ions using raw and calcium alginate immobilized protonated citrus peels
9:05am Mark S. Lockwood Surface Water Influence and Microbial Vulnerability Study of the Fox Watering Point in Fox, Alaska ***
9:25am Kimberly Sager An Introduction to Alaska’s “Reservation of Water Program”
9:45am Andrew Kliskey Applying the Arctic Water Resources Vulnerability Index in Alaskan communities ***
Coffee Break
Session 9: Hydrologic Monitoring and Analysis: Lake, Stream, and River Systems up
10:35am Claudette Moore Continuous Monitoring of Physical Parameters in Southwest Alaska Lakes
10:55am Sue Mauger Stream Temperature Monitoring Network for Cook Inlet Salmon Streams ***
11:15am Larry Rundquist The Yukon River flood and River Watch Program ***
11:35am Monica McTeague Landscape level historical analysis of braided river braid plain composition, age, and formation, Matanuska River, Alaska
11:55am Janet Curran Evidence of Paleofloods from LIDAR Imagery of the Matanuska River, Alaska
Meeting Adjourned & Announcements